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To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise?

Bearded Men Vs Clean Shaven

Men seeking a long-term relationship should dump the razor and invest in a beard comb, according to research into how attractiveness can be linked to hair length. According to a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, women view men with stubble as more attractive for short-term flings than men with full beards, which were seen as more attractive for long-term relationships. Investigators asked 8,520 women to rate photos of men for physical attractiveness in general, for a short-term or long-term relationship. They manipulated the images to morph their facial hair from clean-shaven, through light and heavy stubble, to a full beard.

Short Beard Barbershop Maintenance Trim | Cut & Grind

Back at Cut and Grind. Today, Jason Ecks takes us step by step on how to shape a short, tight beard. Similar to maintaining your cheek and neck line, you are going to want to keep a natural shape. Jason does this by using a flicking motion beneath the beard with his trimmers. Using a long trimmer guard, he pushed the trimmers down the face to take some bulk off of the cheek area. Like always, use your beard comb as a ruler to make sure you do not accidentally cut too deep into the hair.

How to GROW More Facial Hair (in 3 Months)

I guess every non-bearder or patchy bearded man has wondered about this question at least once in his lifetime: “How to stimulate facial hair growth? Is there really a way to grow a beard faster naturally?” After that, most men will go online and start searching for info about facial hair stimulation and beard growing tips…


Some men are blessed with fast-growing facial hair, while others may struggle with slow-growing or patchy whiskers. The rate that your facial hair grows depends mostly on genetics, but if you are anxious for your beard to come in, there are a few tricks you can try to maximize growth rate and fullness. To grow a beard faster, care for your face by cleaning, moisturizing, and exfoliating properly, take biotin or other vitamin supplements that encourage hair growth, and leave your beard alone as it starts growing


Are you starting to get a little fuzz above your lip and on your chin? Or maybe your beard is already showing up on the rest of your face. Either way, we have got answers to your questions about the hair on your face.

Danzbeard Beard-scaping, How to clean up your beard 101

Beard grooming has never been so easy: These eight beard care tricks will keep your facial hair looking resplendent. After scribbling down your notes, head on over to our beard-growing tutorial for the best products to supplement this list.

How I Trim/ Shape My Beard

It might seem counterintuitive to trim your beard if your ultimate goal is length, but a little pruning goes a long way during the awkward growth stages. In this tutorial, Joey Tasca from Freemans Sporting Club Barbershop demonstrates how to clean up your beard without compromising its burgeoning glory.

Five amazing products every bearded gentleman should own

We all want to start our weekdays off right, but getting to work on time often gets in the way of of us taking care of our skin. Thankfully, there are plenty of grooming products available to guys who want to establish a daily routine without dedicating too much time to it. With a few simple investments from trusted brands, guys can simplify their mornings without skipping a beat.gentleman should own

Top 15 Best Hottest Beard Styles for Men 2017-2018-Sexiest Beard Styles 2019- 15 Latest Beard Styles

Sexy Beard Styles- People often think that fashion is limited to clothes and accessories. But that is not correct because fashion is all about expressing ones self. It is important for men to express their inner style and personalities through their hairstyles and beard styles.

How To Shaping Your Long & Short Beard I Trim Beard I Beard Grooming I Beard Styles

The truth is however, that depending on the style and length of the beard your trimming technique will vary slightl


To learn exactly how to fade a beard, we suggest you watch your barber or stylist do it first. Seeing a professional at work can help you determine the right length, the right clipper sizes to use, and where to start the beard fade. After all, if you love the idea of fades and beards together, then you’ll want your cut to turn out perfect.

How to Make Awesome Beard Styles

Make Awesome Beard Styles

Amazing 13 Cool Beard Styles

If baseball season hasn’t convinced you to grow a beard, maybe these pictures of cool beard styles will. Other than the fade, facial hair is the most popular men’s trend of the year. Just like fade haircuts, there is an almost infinite variety to how beards can be worn. Facial hair can be short and groomed or long and wild. Even better are full beards groomed into a clean cut shape. For something extra, grow the mustache long or wax it into a handlebar.

How to shape your beard properly 2016 Trim Beard styles

You want a beard to complement the shape of your face. Symmetry plays a big part in how aesthetically pleasing something is; if you have got a long, narrow face, you dont want to grow an Abe Lincoln beard that further accentuates the length. The goal is to make everything as oval as possible

Trimming the Beard, Mustache, and Eyebrows

If you ever wanted to know how to trim a moustache or how to trim a beard, you first need to have the right tools to make it happen. Moustaches and beards can be maintained with a few simple tools: moustache or beard comb, scissors, trimmer, and/or a razor. You will also need a mirror and good lighting.

Fade Tutorial: Haircut and Beard Trim

It is a bit of a tricky process to explain with words, so we have given you both step-by-step directions alongside a video to explain below.

Beard Trim of Medium Length Red & Silver Beard | Barbershop Narration

We are back at Cut & Grind Barbershop located in the Soho area of London. Stylist Sophie Sky gives us a breakdown of how to trim a beard to achieve a medium length, square shape. Take notice on maintaining a natural looking cheek and neck line.

Beard Trim Shaped like Carlos Costa

Hari is showing us how to lightly trim a full, short length beard. The end goal of this trim is to maintain a natural cheek line. This will make the beard appear thicker and have a nice round shape. Hari makes sure not to trim the top of the mustache. Just like the cheek lines, the longer hairs on the top of the mustache will make the stache itself appear fuller. Unless you are trying to grow a large handlebar mustache, keep the hair overlapping the upper lip trimmed and shaped.

Short and Sharp Beard Trim | Cut and Grind

Lets be honest – beards rock. They exude confidence, they show individuality, and they are physically attractive to a lot of people. I shudder when I look back at the days when I had to be clean-shaven for work; thankfully those days are long behind me. And because beards have only recently become an accepted part of society, we now have the freedom to get more creative with our look

NY Beard Getting a Trim | Cut and Grind

Today Hari is taking down his clients beard to accentuate the mustache. This type of trim is not quite the "beardstache" but a hybrid between that and a full beard. The secret is to leave the top of the mustache untouched and to let it grow past your upper lip. During the trim, Hari clips the ends of the mustache to give it a fuller appearance.

Silver Stache Trim | Cut and Grind

Today at Cut and Grind were doing a unique beard and mustache trim. Barber Davide Spreafico is giving his client a clean, square beard shape. The client is growing a hybrid mustache that is trimmed in the middle, but long on the sides. Davide uses the end of the clients eyebrows as a measuring point to trim the stache. Like in previous videos, trimming the ends of the long hairs will give the mustache a thicker appearance.

What to Consider Before a Major Beard Trim | Eric Bandholz

Before you do anything drastic to your beard or hair you have to get your MIND RIGHT. Today Eric talks about the importance of timing when it comes to trimming or shaving your beard or hair. We all have our emotional ups and downs. While your ae in a slump is no time to touch the precious face blanket. Before even considering it, you need to be in an emotional high and feeling good about yourself. Any sort of drastic change to your appearance is initially hard on your self esteem. However, your current appearance typically grows on you within the first few day.

EPIC beard trim with Clippers | Eric Bandholz

Cultivating an epic beard and mustache starts with putting down the razor and letting it grow. But sometimes we as guys forget that the journey of growth is not an endless road; there comes a time when we all have to give the mane a trim. Its an intimidating notion. To chop down the bushy brush we have been cultivating for months - or maybe years - on end. But gentlemen, today were talking beard trims and how to properly go about shaping and trimming your beard to ensure that when all is said and done, you are looking sharp, dapper, and better than ever

Beard Trim and Style by Davide | Cut and Grind

Today, Davide is trimming and shaping his clients beard to a natural look. Using the comb as a guard, he takes the sideburns down bit by bit until he reaches the perfect length. Notice Davide decides to fade the clients neckline rather than cut a hard line. The same method was used for his cheekline.

How to Fix Simple Beard Mistakes | Cut and Grind

Jason Ecks to the rescue to reshape his clients beard. The client had gone to a different barber and was unpleased with the end result. To even out the beard, Jay trims down the bulk of the beard below the jaw line to allow the upper part to fill in. When the upper cheek area gets a little longer, it will give the clients beard a more natural, fuller appearance.

Beard and Mustache Trim | Cut and Grind

Jason Ecks at Cut and Grind cleans up a rounded beard on a client. The goal is to keep the weight in the cheeks and shape the chin area. The client wants to keep the length of the stache, while blending it into the rest of the beard.

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